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The world of IT graphics, an expanding online area as web developers, bloggers etc search for premium graphics for their online publishing. Finding appropriate graphics is an important part of this. There are many sources for IT graphics, some free some expensive and this website should provide you with information and links to help you find what you need for your project.  You might want to build a travel website giving Australians details on cheap flights or flight schedules or a website about how to win playing the pokies or even a website

Within these pages you’ll find information on web graphics, pictures in IT, graphic types – jpeg, gif, png

We’ll update this site as often as possible with all the latest news and views as soon as we know. Please come back regularly to see what’s changed

”Graphics”’ are visual presentations on some surface such as a wall, canvas, computer screen, paper, or stone to brand, inform, illustrate, or entertain. Examples are photographs, drawings, Line Art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings, or other images.
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